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Our Mission

Our mission is to remind you of the time your mother had that garage sale (by the way tell her thanks) and to give you a chance to buy your stuff back :)

Specializing in toys your momma threw away:)

Toy smugglers tracked down by a bounty hunter and turned over to the Imperial forces.

Company Profile

A long time ago (1993) in a garage, far, far away, three friends dusted off their boxes of Star Wars toys and went to their first toy show.  We had a great time trading, selling and buying.  We were hooked...now we have thousands of figures in many more boxes from Star Wars, GI Joe, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Micronauts, Tron, Buck Rogers, Indiana Jones, Marx, etc.  Two of the original partners are still at it.  We've done shows all over Texas including Plano, Beaumont, Houston, Austin, and Shreveport, LA.

M. Jason Greene is a professional songwriter.   He's married with three children.  Jason is primarily responsible for new inventory acquisition, maintenance, pricing & packaging.  He appraises toy collections, launches eBay auctions, ships merchandise, handles paper classifieds, consignment sales, mail order, appointment only shopping, assists with financing purchases and executes most of the trades for Cosmic.

Chip Majors is a CPA and is married with three children.  Chip handles the transportation, sales, accounting, tax compliance, sales taxes, construction of customized display cases & shelving, web site design and maintenance, travel arrangements, eBay email communications & payment coordination, assists with financing purchases, new inventory acquisitions, internet classifieds & video documentary.