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January 2012 Wizard World, New Orleans

We are Buying and Paying CASH!

Currently we are looking to purchase collections or individual pieces of vintage GI Joe 12" and 3 3/4" figures, 8" MEGOs and accessories, Indiana Jones, Lego and Transformers.  Call us for a quote or an appraisal of your collection.


 Special Guests at the many of our shows

Wizard World-New Orleans

We had an awesome time at that show and met some interesting collectors and fans and had some great food. 

It had been a while since New Orleans had a great comic and toy show.  Fans turned out in the thousands to make this one of the best shows we have attended.  So much so that we're coming back next year and we have reserved the same spot.

Lots of interesting pics were posted.  Check out the great Avatar costume to the right.  That's body paint not a body suit.


Inventory for sale

We're considering putting some bulk inventory for sale on this website in addition to our auction site.   Let us know what you'd like to see offered for sale (e.g., weapons, boxed Joes, etc.)


Who Shops at Cosmic?

You wouldn't believe who shops at Cosmic. Click here for pics.


Looking for Something?

We search the far reaches of the known universe for new toys.  So shoot us an email of the collectibles that you're interested in.   We'll put you in our database to alert you if we come across it in a future toy collection purchase


Wizard World-Austin

Wow!  Great show!  We sold a lot of toys.  It was great seeing everyone in Austin. 

We had customers from around the galaxy shopping at our booth this past weekend.  We'll be back next year in the same spot.

A lot of great show pics from the Austin show.  Check 'em out.

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Pics from Previous Shows

Austin, TX Show

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Plano, TX Show

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Houston, TX Show

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